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Mary Lomando, President and Founder of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, is an Egyptologist, psychologist, archaeo-astronomer, and world mythologist. She is a graduate of NYU (psychology and art history) and the American University in Cairo (Egyptology and Islamic Art).

Her areas of expertise are the art, architecture and religion of the New Kingdom . Living in Egypt, she spent countless hours among the temples and tombs studying and “ listening” to their messages. Eventually, her passion for ancient cultures and mysteries led her to Peru, where she studied with indigenous shamans and “Earth Keepers’.
Upon her return to Luxor in 2009, Mary actively began working to preserve the indigenous Blue Lotus. In 2013 she founded The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization devoted to the cultivation and preservation of Egypt’s most sacred flower on original 18thdynasty land.

In addition to her worldwide astrological practice, Mary also teaches classes in Esoteric Egyptology and leads tours to Egypt and Peru. She is currently writing a book about the Goddesses of ancient Egypt soon to be published in 2014.


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