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Thank You so Much for Donating to the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation. Your donation is much appreciated.

General donations of $10 to $250 accepted via Paypal. For larger amounts and/or Membership/registration information, please see our Membership page.

Your donation allows the work of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation to continue by sustaining and supporting the blue lotus nursery/farm located in Luxor, Egypt. This provides for the daily maintenance of the blue lotus: tending the grounds, employing the care-taking staff, providing supplies and electricity for the growth of the ponds. In addition, your contributions will allow for the future construction of new lotus pond/nurseries on site to insure the further growth and healthy propagation of these sacred flowers.Our plan is to eventually transplant the native grown Egyptian Blue Lotus back to the sacred lakes in Karnak Temple, as well as throughout the temples of Egypt.

Finally, the Blue Lotus House Sanctuary is funded solely through donation, tithing and membership dues. The Blue Lotus House is our retreat/study center/ guest house reserved for the Foundation members.

If you are interested in visiting the Blue Lotus House, please inquire about membership.


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